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Oulu offers new global business opportunities especially in mobile technology. Follow the site www.businessoulu.com,which is the information source of the official Investment Promotion Agency (IPA).

Oulu, Finland -where inspiration turns to innovation – the latest news from the leading wireless ecosystem in Europe

Nokia loves Oulu


”There is significant amount of technology and R&D expertise in the Oulu region. That is why it continues to be one of Nokia's key R&D sites globally”, Dr. Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President, Devise Nokia Finland has said in publicity.

The world's biggest manufacturer of mobile phones, Nokia, has over 2000 R&D employees in Oulu region. One of explanations for the progress might be that the technical faculty of the University of Oulu is on the other hand one of the main research institutions in wireless communtions in the world.

”Oulu is the place to be when it comes to mobile technology. We need to be close to our important customers, and to keep our ears and eyes open to the latest developments within the industry. That's why establishing in Oulu was self-evident”, Mr. Toni Impiö, Site Manager in Teleca says.

City of Oulu is an excellent location with modern facilities for investing a new enterprise. Benefits for the companies are versatile.

There aren't many places in the world where wireless communications has been researched as passionately as in Oulu. Various institutions, such as the University of Oulu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences have engaged in quite far-reaching cooperation from the very beginning.

Whether inventing new wireless and computing platforms, enabling global connections using new devices, coding software, or breaking ground in the research lab, this region's greatest resource is its educated, skilled and adaptable people. These factors have become recognised by more and more investors and companies in searching for new business opportunities in Oulu region.

Future trends in Oulu

”Oulu has been a pioneer in Finland in developing a functioning infrastructure to support  early stage businesses”, Mr David Chartier, CEO, Codenomicon Oy remarks. Codenomicon develops security and quality testing software, which allows users to quickly find and identify both known and previously unknown flaws before business-critical products or services are deployed.

Oulu acts as a genuine test city where enterprises can experiment with the functionality of future products and services in both the actual environment and in real situations, with the contribution of real people. For example the technology applications produced by the UBI research programme create an environment for residents in which quite new types of interactive services are offered.


    Oulu is the world's first "ubiquitous"
    city. In smart  urban environment,
    the information technology of each
    location is present everywhere.







Machine vision developed at the University of Oulu represents the newest sensor technology. In the near future, a human target, Biometric Identification, will be daily routine for mobile phone and Internet users.

The next generation of the Internet is under constant work in Oulu. The Centre for Internet Excellence (CIE) was founded to develop this. CIE is taking Internet technology forward as well as researching and producing new equipment and services in cooperation with leading operators in the field.

One could say that a wireless communications ecosystem which generates new innovations for the world through research has developed in Oulu.

Billions of euros revenues

Technology enterprises are financially significant in the Oulu region: there are about 800 enterprises employing over 18,000 people and generating a total turnover of about 6,7 billion euros. Over 150 global companies such as Analog Devices, Flextronics, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and Sun Microsystems are firmly rooted in the region.

Home grown success stories include Nokia´s R&D Center, Polar Electro, Tracker and Elektrobit. Oulu companies are ranked by Business Week, Red Herring and appear in Deloitte's "Fast 50" list in the recognition of their phenomenal revenue growth and performance.

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