Digital in-house tools for ad agencies by license

Advertising agencies offer a growing variety of digital marketing communication services for their clients as marketing moves to the Internet. The tools used to make these services reality are often chosen by a case-by-case basis, and the agency ends up using a huge amount of tools which take time to learn and master effectively. Finland-based software company has launched a one-stop-shop product portfolio for advertising agency customer projects.

The ad agency does not need to outsource the web-design, including coding the platforms or databases, and for example newsletters, web shops and website design to any digital agency or freelancers. The demand of hiring own IT-staff can be minimized by this new innovation as well. This results as an increased revenue and new sales for the agency.

A few global networks of advertising agencies have provided the solution designed by Koodiviidakko Oy. ”Experiences are very positive, thanks to the advanced software tools based our long term industry experience”, managing director Mr. Samuli Tursas says.

”We have made several years of co-operation with the most successful advertising agencies and PR companies in Scandinavia and Russia. We understand the needs of our clients, who offer creative and high quality advertising and communication services. The technical application we provide is clearly a handy tool for a advertising professionals without having know-how of software design or coding.”, he continues.

We look for more partners worldwide to sell this portfolio to advertising agencies locally in several countries. Advertising agencies will acquire a license to use this web-based package. We'll give training for our partners how to use these solutions, and naturally a longstanding technical support from our team, Mr. Tursas remarks. Advertising agencies also have an option to purchase the license under their own brand label. ”We are just technical software providers with 100-percent confidentiality and secure”, Mr. Tursas adds.


Please contact for partnering:

Managing Director 

Mr. Samuli Tursas           

tel. +358 40 513 5890



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