Capricode conquered the Scandinavian mobile device management market – the next challenge will be Central Europe

Within the past year Capricode, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) company from Oulu, has proven its SyncShield mobile device management technology as being one of the cutting edge technologies in Europe. Within Scandinavia Capricode has built a comprehensive reseller network consisting of Operators, System Integrators and Service Providers through which enterprises of any size can be served. Simultaneously the amount of enterprise customers using SyncShield through this reseller network has been growing at a promising rate. The next natural step for the following year will be to expand the reseller network to central Europe.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an interesting new market that is in the midst of major growth. Greater comprehensive use of mobile phones alongside computers as the employees’ daily tools, has forced an increase in the need to manage and secure such mobile devices. Larger enterprises have noticed that manual software installations for smartphone’s e.g. push email and data security, require greater internal resources. In addition to this, the question of data security has arisen, such as the risks pertaining to the loss of important contact information. In the 2000s, this need has created a new market for mobile device management solutions, the demand for which has during the previous year undertaken a rapid growth spurt. At the moment MDM vendors are fighting to get their share of the promising market and are striving for market leadership.

In this battle Capricode will try to utilise the key advantages of its SyncShield mobile device management solution. ”SyncShield has been praised for its usability, reliability and ease of implementation. In addition, SyncShield is uniquely suitable for service provider’s productised mobile device management service offering. These characteristics make SyncShield a winning remote management solution which has a potential to become the world leading solution”, says Capricode’s CEO Jonny Kaarlenkaski.

Capricode’s patented technology and registered trademark, SyncShield, offers easy but comprehensive mobile device management for enterprises. SyncShield enables central, over-the-air execution of all essential device management operations needed for successful smartphone utilisation, such as mobile application, device settings and security management. The target users of SyncShield are all organisations that use smartphones and PDA devices. The very nature of Mobile Device Management is to ease the IT management’s mobile device administration work. Centralised MDM brings with it many advantages for enterprises by cutting the time needed for smartphone administration by up to 60% and enabling controlled deployment of mobile device security and operability throughout the entire device lifecycle. All the device management operations can be taken care of quickly and easily over-the-air without any device user interaction.

With SyncShield for example mobile application installations can be executed simultaneously to all devices of an organisation, which saves significant amount of time compared to manual operations. Remote mobile device management also ensures that important contact information will not be lost even if the phone was to go missing. SyncShield is provided to business customers as a service (SaaS) through a Service provider, Operator and System Integrator network. A typical SyncShield service provider offers various sets of mobile applications (push email, virus protection) and mobility services for organisations and provides SyncShield as a complementing tool that enables smooth smartphone usage and utilisation.


Capricode, CEO

Jonny Kaarlenkaski

tel. +358 400 582 477


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