Oulu in Brief - the fastest growing region in Finland

The Oulu Region is well known for its technology, the hi-tech growth having started after the establishment of Oulu University in 1958. The region is home to over 500 hi-tech companies, such as Nokia, and the sector currently employs over 10,000 people.


Oulu enhance new business especially in hi-tech

Oulu Innovation Ltd is a non-profit development company which focuses on regional economic development in the high technology and high growth business sector in the Oulu region. Its main task is to support enterprises and to strengthen their competitiveness in the global markets.


Capricode conquered the Scandinavian mobile device management market – the next challenge will be Central Europe

Within the past year Capricode, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) company from Oulu, has proven its SyncShield mobile device management technology as being one of the cutting edge technologies in Europe. Within Scandinavia Capricode has built a comprehensive reseller network consisting of Operators, System Integrators and Service Providers through which enterprises of any size can be served.


Digital in-house tools for ad agencies by license

Advertising agencies offer a growing variety of digital marketing communication services for their clients as marketing moves to the Internet. The tools used to make these services reality are often chosen by a case-by-case basis, and the agency ends up using a huge amount of tools which take time to learn and master effectively. Finland-based software company has launched a one-stop-shop product portfolio for advertising agency customer projects.


Online News monitoring company partnering

Online news monitoring is today the main method in getting tailored information about the specific issue in mass media. Specialised news monitoring will give more accurate information and faster than general search engines, which are popular among the public audience. Webnewsmonitor is used by PR and information professionals.


Oulu in brief

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